Maria Foto, Los Angeles based photographer. Started her pet series in 2012.

A reflection of great passion; Maria combines her love of photography and animals.

Working from her portable studio, Maria travels on location for each portrait in her series. Maria explains “Every experience is very personal. I set up the studio inside the homes of the pets and spend the time needed to get acquainted for the photo shoot.”

In a time period of roughly two years, Maria Foto has produced hundreds of portraits of different animals for the series she is creating while remaining to actively collect portraits. Through this series, Maria demonstrates the level of respect she has for pets. She has been quoted saying, ”They are just as important as our friends and family. This series has enriched my life by allowing me to connect with the people of my community that share the same love for their pets.” Her goal for this series is to evoke a memory of happiness to everyone that sees the images that may have a meaningful connection with their own pets and lifelong friends.

Maria Foto, solidifying memories of those who love us unconditionally. Connecting animal lovers in the greater Los Angeles area.
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